Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So yeah I got out here all gung ho ready to find a job, immediately did, realized this was a terrible idea, quit, and went in search of a job instead of socially acceptable slavery. Because thankfully, until I'm entirely out of money and there are no woods to live in that is not happening, totally over it. Anyway. Looking for a JOB. Big focus for me, not interesting to talk about, doin' it anyway.

So what to do on the days when I'm not job hunting? Well mine as well not spend money, easiest way to do that is to stay home, I'll just stay home and obsessively learn and think and read about everything for days on end and it will work out great right? RIGHT???? While I feel great about it, that apparently does not help my social skills. I'm comfortable with my role as most awkward person in the country but I am not currently going for most awkward person IN THE WORLD. Holy crap. Mainly because my livelihood depends on it.

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  1. ha. best way to start my morning. I love it when you yell.