Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm unemployed, I do what I want!

Okay, I think I stopped posting once I started feeling HORRIBLY DISCOURAGED and then excited again, and then repeat. This process was paired with very comfortably settling in to being socially reclusive.
It seemed pointless to document a repetetive cycle even though there are fun and interesting adventures along the way. However, I feel like it, even though it's boring and everything is stupid. Anyone bothering to read this blog from here on out has been warned.
I'm unemployed I do what I want!!

Ok so here I am, and on weekdays I somehow try to come out of this ridiculous lifestyle to go job hunting. I emerge for the day, crazy eyed already, muster up the desire to talk to anyone by drinking lots of espresso, and try to speak to another human being in hopes of a job. Clearly this working out great. Fuck me. I've almost started practicing my social skills with homeless people on the bus.

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