Friday, October 28, 2011

What about this!?

I went to the west side today (where the city part is) to see what was going on.
I found a physical version of my favorite art supply website, who knew.
Jen and I wandered around while I exclaimed about everything.
Also yelling as we walked by every building "Jen! Maybe we should get a place THERE".
Then I tried to convince Jen to sneak into the opera until we got kicked out like riff raff.
There was no opera happening tonight though, so I ended up going to Safeway and carrying a giant frozen pizza and my new roll of artist paper home on the bus.
The pizza box I was hugging kept getting crumpled and trying to open on the bus.
I also listened to some people commiserate about social services and single parenting.
Maybe THIS is what being in a city is like.

                           (The pizza is cut in half because it wouldn't fit in our tiny oven.)



  1. oh motherfucker now i want pizza. curse you city person!

  2. Tiny oven half pizza is adorable!