Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ok so. This is a topic that in general is permanently talked out, but I feel it needs to be said again.

Hitting on people is inherently awkward.
ESPECIALLY if you're trying to be polite.
I'm sick of people who take every opportunity to instead of just being a person, be a person who is hitting on people.
Awkwardly saying something like "you're pretty" or "you're beautiful" or any other dumb shit is not, not, not, pleasant. At all. Unless the person is just expressing their genuine opinion to be nice and leaves it at that. Also being incredibly suave never hurt anybody.

OK breakdown: You're complimenting me because you want something, you often think you want a girlfriend. What you really want is to maybe have sex with a total stranger/acquaintance! And if that's not what you want then why are you acting like it!
Anyway, I feel dating itself is a FLAWED system.
Sure, hang out with single people, make a point to find single people, do your thing if you're looking for somebody, it makes sense however...
Setting up a situation with someone you don't know, or barely know where regardless of what either party wants, you will both inevitably consider "am I going to have sex with person?" (or something along those lines) is AWKWARD AS SHIT.
Being on a date implies possible physical intimacy. Possible physical intimacy with someone you don't know. Sitting across from someone you're trying to get to know, with that in mind, is unpleasant! AND almost the worst possible way to get to know someone. It's like deliberately handicapping yourselves. No good will come of this. So why do people keep trying to deliberately set up this retarded situation completely unsolicited!

Then there's just hooking up, which is totally different. You already have the information you need, and there's no reason to have some awkward as shit pre-interaction about it. In that scenario it's just a fun surprise if people happen to like each other, Fine. Whatever. But this "you're pretty" bulllshit has got to end!
As Tuff Man put it, Message me if: "You have a pulse, and enough brain cells to compose a message to me that is longer than a tweet! Seriously, why are you guys sending me messages that are only like 4 words?! At least try!"

Also, all too frequently the approach from the man side is to constantly be vying for the lady attention, and as soon as they get any hint of maybe lady attention it's all "oooh lady!" and that immediately kills it because it sets up the afore mentioned situation of "I haven't hung out with you but maybe we should have sex, except it's not a hook up" What?!? If you want a hook up, ask for/ find a hook up. If you want a "date" just stop. Spend less time being desperate and put that energy towards being awesome! Damn!
Anyway...Um....Right. On to my main point. All too often the man side is set up to act like charity cases, y'all are not charity cases! Don't act like it! Don't let anybody treat you like it. I almost wonder if straight men think since their not attracted to men no one else will be either?? What is going on here? Y'all would have it going on if you just acted like it! And stop setting up creepy maybe sex interviews when you actually just want a lady!
Also if you really are just feeling desperate, and it's preventing you from getting your charming on, the sex industry here is thriving, there's a strip club on like every corner, and they have hot chocolate. Go there, CALM YOUR SHIT.
Don't just walk around complimenting women. Jackasses.


  1. Thank you soooooooooooo much for that!!!! I'm going to call you right now for some clarification!

  2. I love the line "go there, CALM YOUR SHIT!" I often reread that when things are getting too crazy!