Monday, March 5, 2012


It was spring time today. Like the first warm bright ridiculous day of the year. Woah.
I don't understand why people buy the things in Ikea when they already have it set up in the store, for free. It's much cheaper to just go hang out in there. Also unlike home they ALWAYS have fro-yo. And it is delicious. Creepy (greater than or equal to) delicious.
I'm doing an air humping dance right now.
I went to work pretty late in the day so I had way too much time to get riled up beforehand.
I am not wearing pants.
I should go to work...
I should run ten blocks and get Mexican food!
I feel great!
I don't think this outfit meets work dress code.
I'm at work!
I cleaned everything!
I made a really good post work cappuccino!
I told everyone about it!
I told everyone about it even though no one cares!
Running is faster than walking and therefore superior!
I'm going to the goth club!
I'm staring at everyone! MERCILLESLY.
I'm distracted now and just staring at scaffolding and bridges.
I want to shave off everyones mustache!
I'm texting people on the east coast to try and get them on board with this spring time action, even though it's actully snowing there...and four in the morning! Fail!
I'm going to hump the air some more!


  1. I like that you are blogging hardcore again, I dislike that i was not a recipient of jill happy time txt at 4 in the morning. Tuff man feel left out!!!

  2. Haha I heard you're trying to get through "school" or something so I settled for posting on your FB wall!